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BibleLine Card Game - Book of Exodus Chapters 1-14

BibleLine Card Game - Book of Exodus Chapters 1-14

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The fun, 15-minute game where each player builds a line of cards in verse order from the Book of Exodus. This family activity enables one to six players to learn the Bible narrative in a fun, game format.

Key Features

  • 15 minutes of playtime for 1 to 6 players; ages 7 and above
  • 108 Illustrated, Bible event cards (standard 2.5" x 3.5" playing cards)
  • Fun family or youth group activity with free downloadable lesson plan and activity sheet
  • Modern English translation from original Hebrew
  • Advanced & trivia rules for continued play

Card Overview

Card overview

Fun Learning

Do you know your Bible verses? Test your knowledge with this game. As you play the game you naturally read verses and put them in order. You learn the narrative without even trying. Perfect game to play with your family or youth group to advance your knowledge of the Book of Exodus (chapters 1 - 14).

Line Overview

Line Overview

Multiple Ways to Play

As you master the narrative, the advanced rules allow you to increase the difficulty. The game can also be played among players with different knowledge levels. The game includes rule variations and trivia options providing hours of replay value.

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